Belle LTE Mobile Medical Alert button with Belt Clip

From: $36.00 / month and a $35.00 sign-up fee

The Belle LTE Mobile Medical Alert Button comes with both neck lanyard and belt clip. Smaller and lighter than previous versions, it can be worn around the neck or attached to a belt or purse.

We are a leading provider of mobile medical alert buttons throughout Long Island and New York City, and with the addition of the new Belle LTE we now cover more seniors across the US certified on the Verizon 4G LTE Network!

Belle LTE mobile emergency alert button is designed to expand users’ horizons and enable them to live independently with confidence by offering help at the press of a button, anywhere in the US where there is Verizon LTE coverage. Simple to use, compact, and shower-safe, the Belle features built-in 2-way voice communication and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge. Belle connects users to emergency care specialists at a UL-Listed, CSAA Certified Five Diamond central station 24/7 and can send help

All of our medical alarms come with:
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Product Details

The Belle LTE is a small, lightweight, and comfortable-to-wear mobile medical alert system that enables users to break free from landline-based systems that only work in and around the home.

Simple to use, compact, and shower-safe, the Belle features built-in 2-way voice communication and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge.

• Simple, one-button access quickly connects subscribers to our trained monitoring center personnel

• Two-way voice communication between subscriber and call center or emergency services

• Water resistant (IP67): Can be worn in shower – do not submerge.

• Dimensions: 1.57” x 2.60” x 0.67” (WxLxD)

• Weight : 1.6 oz (47g)

• Battery Life: 30 days standby battery (rechargeable)

• Installation Requirements: AC power outlet

• Maintenance Requirements: Periodic charging, cleaning of charger ports.

• Charging cradle: Device gives audible feedback when placed properly in charging cradle. Simple design lets subscribers know the device is properly docked and can be located next to the bed for charging and easy access to help at night.

• Verizon LTE Network: Coverage available in most areas across the US.

• 911 back-up calling : If the device cannot connect via the Verizon  network it will attempt to call 911 directly on a competing GSM carrier network

• WiFi Network Based Location Technology with U-TDOA Capabilities: Network based mobile technologies which works indoors or outdoors and can assist our Operators and 911 dispatchers in the location of subscribers


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Location Technology

Belle LTE works on the Verizon LTE cellular network to allow users to get help across the US, both at home and away. You do not need Verizon cellular service for your device. The cellular coverage is included in the monthly service fee for Belle LTE. Click to check the coverage in your area. 

Location-Based Services

Belle LTE enables specialists to use location-based services and WiFi to determine if the Belle user is likely at home, enabling faster dispatch.


U-TDOA Technology

U-TDOA is the tracking technology that 911 operators use to locate people who call 911 with a cellular phone. U-TDOA is used to locate more than 5 million callers per month.


How Belle Uses U-TDOA

1 – If Belle users do not know their location when they press the call button in an emergency, the specialist will transfer the user’s call to 911. The specialist will wait on hold.

2- The user will speak with 911 operators through Belle, and 911 operators will locate the user with U-TDOA tracking. When 911 has dispatched help to the user’s location, 911 will transfer the call back to the specialist.

3- The specialist will stay on the call with the Belle user until help arrives.

User Guide

Click to download the Belle LTE Verizon User Guide and Instruction Manual