Terms & Conditions

Service Agreement Terms & Conditions

  1. PARTIES AND SERVICES: The person named as Subscriber and any person ordering/paying for Services (“Payer”) or using them (“User”) (collectively referred to as “Subscriber”) hereby contract with Island Medical Alert Systems, LLC (“Island”) for Island medical alert system monitoring service (“Service”). Unless the context otherwise requires, the term “Subscriber” as used herein refers to all User(s) and Payer(s), and any of them individually. The obligations of Subscriber are joint and several, meaning that Payer(s) and User(s) are equally, and each individually, responsible for the obligations of the Subscriber under this Agreement. The Service includes Island equipment and monitoring. Equipment means an Island console and personal help button or the Belle, Belle+ mobile emergency response system or any combination thereof (“Equipment”). Monitoring is provided through an authorized Island monitoring center. During the initial and any renewal term of this Agreement, Equipment remains the property of Island and must be returned to Island at the end of this Agreement as set forth in Paragraph 2 below. If Subscriber fails to return the Equipment as set forth in Paragraph 2, Subscriber will be fully liable for the value of the Equipment, which Subscriber agrees is $350. The Service includes receipt, analysis and response to alarm signals from Equipment. Upon receipt of a signal, Island: (a) will make reasonable effort to promptly contact Subscriber, and (b) if Island deems necessary in its reasonable judgment, notify: (i) persons and entities designated by Subscriber as “Responders” as input into the appropriate monitoring service application at the time of account activation, in the order designated by Subscriber, or (ii) police, fire or ambulance designated by Subscriber. Subscriber agrees that Island may rely absolutely on the statements of Subscriber, Responders, or any person who says that they are acting on behalf of a Responder or Subscriber, with respect to the location and condition of Subscriber. Subscriber agrees that Island in its sole and absolute discretion and without any liability: (a) may contact or attempt to contact the Premises as frequently as Island deems appropriate to verify the need to alert Responders; and (b) after receiving oral advice from anyone at the premises to disregard the alarm signal and Island may in its sole and absolute discretion and without liability, refrain from alerting the Responders or advise the Responders of the receipt of oral advice to disregard the alarm signal. SUBSCRIBER AGREES THAT ATTEMPTING TO NOTIFY BY THE PHONE DESIGNATED RESPONDERS IS ISLANDS’S ONLY DUTY. Subscriber understands and agrees that: (a) Island is not responsible for the promptness, sufficiency or adequacy of the action of any Responder or any third party acting for Responder; (b) Island in no way represents or guarantees that Responders can be contacted, can or will respond, or that any response will be safe or effective; (c) the Responders have been designated by him or her and are not agents or other representatives of Island; and (d) Island will not send any of its personnel to Subscriber’s premises in response to any emergency signal.
  2. TERM & TERMINATION: This Agreement starts when the Agreement is acknowledged online by the Subscriber or when the equipment is activated at the Subscriber premises. The original term of this Agreement is the service plan selected at time of initial purchase and will renew for the same consecutive billing cycle thereafter unless terminated as set forth below. Subscriber may terminate this Agreement within 7 days of date of original purchase and shall receive a full refund by returning the Equipment to Island along with a written request to cancel including the Subscriber name and address. Island may terminate this Agreement and Services hereunder at any time for non-payment of fees or abuse of the service. Upon termination, Subscriber will return Equipment to Island by 1. mailing or shipping the Equipment to Island at Subscriber’s expense, or 2. telephoning Island and arranging for pick-up. If Subscriber fails to return Equipment within thirty (30) days of termination, Subscriber agrees to pay Island the value of Equipment which is $350 and which Subscriber hereby authorizes Island to bill to Subscriber’s credit card or bank account or otherwise collect.
  3. BINDING AGREEMENT: – This Agreement is binding on Subscriber, Subscriber’s heirs, executors and administrators. Subscriber, including each User and Payer, each shall be jointly and severally liable to satisfy the Subscriber’s obligation under this Agreement and are each bound by its terms, including Paragraphs 14 and 15. By accepting these terms and conditions, Subscriber, including any User and Payer, each represent that they are agents of each other, and (a) Subscriber represents and warrants to Island that Subscriber has the full power and authority to bind any Payer and User to these terms and conditions; and (b) each Payer represents and warrants to Island that Payer has the full power and authority to bind Subscriber and any User to these terms and conditions.
  4. SUBSCRIBER DUTIES: In addition to other responsibilities set forth elsewhere in this Agreement, Subscriber must: a. Provide and be responsible for suitable electrical and telephone service for installation and operation of Equipment; b. Select and give accurate information as to all Responders. Subscriber represents that personal Responders have agreed to act as responders; c. Provide Responders with access to Subscriber’s house; d. Not alter or attempt repairs to Equipment; e. Install and use the System according to Island’s then-published written requirements found in the user guide as provided with the delivery of Equipment; f. Promptly inform Island of any changes to the information provided in, or in connection with, this Agreement. All changes are the sole responsibility of Subscriber and shall become effective at the time of delivery to Island; g. Test equipment at least every month with the personal help button following recommended testing established by Island; h. Pay any fine resulting from any false alarm.
  5. FEES: Subscriber agrees to pay the periodic fees (monthly, semi annually, or annually) associated with the Agreement along with any applicable sales tax or for any additional Island services later agreed to by the parties. Payments are due in advance, no later than 10th day of the Service period to be paid for. The initial payment is due upon installation or online transaction completion and is in accordance with the payment plan selected (monthly, semi-annually or annually).  a. Late Fees: If a payment is not made for any reason (including an expired credit card or insufficient funds in a checking account), you agree to pay us a late fee for the administrative cost we incur in the amount of $35.00 for each late payment, or such lower amount as may be permitted or authorized by law. b. Refunds: Subscriber will be entitled upon termination to a refund for Service that is prepaid for quarterly or semi-annual periods. Usage of Service for any part of a month will be billed for the entire month and will not be refunded. c. Billing information: Subscriber agrees to keep on file with Island acceptable valid bank credit/debit card information, limited to bank cards with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover logo. d.  Your monitoring fee will not be increased by Island except as set forth in Section 17.  Island may terminate this Agreement for non-payment of fees and recover all payments due to Island. In the event it becomes necessary for Island to institute legal proceedings to collect payments due under this Subscriber agrees to pay for a full month of service for any month in which the Subscriber has Service.
  6. COMMUNICATION LINES AND RJ31X JACK: Subscriber acknowledges the System communicates to the Monitoring Center using the Subscriber provided standard telephone line or dedicated cellular service (GSM). The System will not work with the Subscriber’s standard cellular phone service. If Subscriber has two or more telephones in his/her home using the same telephone number and one of these phones is off hook, the Equipment will NOT operate without a special connection, such as an RJ31X jack. It is Subscriber’s responsibility to have the RJ31X jack installed. ADDITIONALLY, WHEN THE SYSTEM IS ACTIVATED, SUBSCRIBER WILL BE UNABLE TO USE THE TELEPHONE TO MAKE OTHER CALLS (SUCH AS CALLS TO THE 911 EMERGENCY OPERATOR), AND THEREFORE, SUBSCRIBER MAY WISH TO HAVE THE SYSTEM CONNECTED TO A SECOND TELEPHONE LINE. The use of DSL, VoIP, Cable or any other broadband telephone service may prevent the System from transmitting alarm signals to the Monitoring Center. Subscriber agrees to notify Island if they have installed or intend to install DSL, VoIP, Cable or any other broadband service. IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE INSTALLATION OF DSL, VOIP OR OTHER BROADBAND SERVICE SUBSCRIBER MUST TEST THEIR SYSTEM SIGNAL TRANSMISSION WITH THE MONITORING CENTER.
  7. INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE: Subscriber acknowledges that the Equipment sends its signals using standard telephone company lines which are wholly beyond the control of Island. IN THE EVENT TELEPHONE OR GSM SERVICE IS OUT OF ORDER OR DISCONNECTED, THE EQUIPMENT WILL NOT WORK. Island does not assume any liability for interruption of the service due to strikes, riots, sabotage, terrorist activities, floods, storms, earthquakes, fires, power failure, interruption of telephone service, acts of God, or any other cause beyond Island’s control including the activities of Subscriber. Island IS NOT REQUIRED TO SUPPLY THE SERVICE DURING THE CONTINUATION OF ANY INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE DUE TO ANY SUCH CAUSE.
  8. CONSENT TO DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION: Subscriber is providing Island with medical information for the purpose of providing the Service. Subscriber agrees that Island, Responders and any other party named in this Agreement may receive all information contained in this Agreement or otherwise provided by Subscriber to Island. Subscriber further agrees that in the event that a Responder or other assistance is sent to Subscriber’s home (an “Incident”), Island may notify any or all of the parties listed in this Paragraph. Further, Subscriber releases Island from all liability, which may arise out of Island’s disclosure of information in this Agreement or about any Incident to the parties listed in this Paragraph. Subscriber acknowledges that all communications between Subscriber and Island Monitoring Center may be recorded and Subscriber consents to such recording.
  9. FALSE ALARMS OR ABUSE OF SERVICE: Subscriber agrees to reimburse Island for any fees assessed against Island as a result of false alarms originating from Subscriber’s premises.
  10. FORCED ENTRY; MEDICAL EXPENSES: Subscriber agrees that if ANY ALARM SIGNAL is received by Island and a Responder is sent to Subscriber’s home and Subscriber cannot let Responder into the locked home and Responder does not have a key that THE SUBSCRIBER AUTHORIZES RESPONDER TO BREAK INTO SUBSCRIBER’S HOME. SUBSCRIBER UNDERSTANDS THAT THIS MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE HOME. SUBSCRIBER WAIVES ANY CLAIM AGAINST ISLAND OR ANY RESPONDER WHICH MAY ARISE AS A RESULT OF FORCED ENTRY INTO THE HOME. SUBSCRIBER SPECIFICALLY WAIVES ANY CLAIM FOR DAMAGE RESULTING FROM FORCED ENTRY AFTER AN INACTIVITY ALARM OR NON-RESPONSE TO A REMINDER SERVICE EVEN IF SUBSCRIBER IS SIMPLY NOT HOME. In addition, Subscriber authorizes Island to notify paramedics and other appropriate emergency personnel who may provide medical assistance, if necessary. Subscriber hereby releases Island from any and all expenses and liability incurred as a result of such medical services.
  11. ATTORNEYS’ FEES: In connection with any dispute arising under this Agreement, the prevailing party shall recover from the other party its reasonable costs and necessary disbursements and attorney’s’ fees incurred in enforcing this Agreement or otherwise in connection with any lawsuit, arbitration or other legal proceeding related to or arising under this Agreement.
  12. SUSPENSION OR CANCELLATION OF THE AGREEMENT: Subscriber agrees that Island may stop or suspend monitoring service for any of the following reasons: (a) strikes, severe weather, earthquakes or other such events beyond our control that effect the operations of the Monitoring Center or so severely damage Subscriber premises that continuing service would be impractical. (b) There is an interruption or unavailability of the telephone service or GSM signal between the System and the Monitoring Center. (c) Subscriber does not pay the service charge due to Island, after Island has given Subscriber five (5) days notice that Island is cancelling service because of non-payment. (d) Island is unable to provide service because of some action or ruling by any government authority. (e) Subscriber becomes a debtor in a bankruptcy proceeding.
  13. ASSIGNEES AND SUBCONTRACTORS: Island may transfer or assign this Agreement to a financial institution, other personal emergency services provider, or any other business entity. Island may use subcontractors to provide the Services.  This Agreement shall apply to any assignee or subcontractor and protect them in the same manner as it is applies to and protects Island.  Any subcontractor shall be considered an “independent contractor” and therefore not affiliated with Island in any way as a partner, joint venture, agent or employee.  The Subscriber may not transfer this Agreement without prior written approval by Island.
  14. DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Subscriber understands and agrees that Island is NOT an insurer and that insurance, if any, covering personal injury or other personal claims and property loss or damage on Subscriber’s premises shall be obtained by Subscriber in such amounts and covering such perils as Subscriber may determine; that the amounts being paid to Island are based on the value of the Service and not on the amount of potential loss, and such amounts are not sufficient to guarantee that no loss will occur; that Island is NOT assuming responsibility for any losses which may occur even if due to Island’s negligent performance or failure to perform any obligation under this Agreement. Subscriber assumes all risk of loss or damage to premises or the contents thereof, or personal injury. ISLAND MAKES NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND RELATING TO THE SERVICE AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WRITTEN OR ORAL, WITH RESPECT TO THE SERVICE AND THE EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IF, NOTWITHSTANDING THE OTHER PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT, THERE SHOULD ARISE ANY LIABILITY TO ISLAND, ISLAND’S MAXIMUM LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF THE PROVISION OF THE SERVICE, INCLUDING THE EQUIPMENT, OR ITS USE, WHETHER BASED UPON WARRANTY, CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, LIMITED TO THE MAXIMUM SUM OF $500. SINCE IT IS IMPRACTICAL AND EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO FIX ACTUAL DAMAGES WHICH MAY ARISE DUE TO A FAILURE OF THE SERVICE, THIS SUM SHALL BE COMPLETE AND EXCLUSIVE AND SHALL BE PAID AND RECEIVED AS LIQUIDATED DAMAGES AND NOT AS A PENALTY. IN NO EVENT SHALL ISLAND BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. SUBSCRIBER MAY OBTAIN A HIGHER LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR AN ADDITIONAL PERIODIC CHARGE. If Subscriber elects this option, Island will attach a rider to this Agreement which will set forth the amount of the limitation of liability and the amount of the additional charge. Agreeing to the higher limitation of liability does not mean that Island is an insurer.
  15. THIRD PARTY INDEMNIFICATION AND NO SUBROGATION. Subscriber agrees to indemnity and hold harmless Island, its employees and agents from and against all and any claims (including by third parties), lawsuits and losses alleged to be caused by Island’s performance, negligent performance or failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement. If anyone other than Subscriber asks Island to pay for any harm or damages (including property damage, personal injury or death) connected with or resulting from (i) Island’s breach of this Agreement or a failure of Equipment or Service, (ii) Island’s negligence, (iii) any other improper or careless activity of Island in providing Equipment or Service, or (iv) a claim for indemnification or contribution, Subscribers agrees and will pay to Island (a) any amount which a court or other tribunal orders Island to pay or which Island reasonably agrees to pay, and (b) the amount of Island’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and any other losses or costs that Island may pay in connection with such third-party claim or dispute. Unless prohibited by Subscriber’s property insurance policy or other insurance, Subscriber agrees to release Island from any claims of any parties suing through Subscriber’s authority or in Subscriber’s name, such as Subscriber’s insurance carriers, and Subscriber agrees to defend Island against any such claim. Subscriber will notify Subscriber’s insurance carrier(s) of this release.
  16. LIMITATIONS OF THE SYSTEM AND SERVICES: The System and the Services rely on the availability of the Subscriber home telephone service provider, cellular network coverage, and the availability of global positioning system (“GPS”) data to operate properly.  These systems are provided by a third party and cannot be controlled by Island.  There is always a chance that the System may fail to operate properly.  The Fall Detection Pendant does not detect 100% of falls.  If Subscriber is able, Subscriber should press the help button on the Fall Detection Pendant in the event of an emergency.  The 911 emergency services line is an alternative to the System and the Services .
  17. INCREASE IN TAXES OR FEES: You acknowledge that the monitoring fee is based upon existing federal, state, and local taxes. We shall have the right, at any time, to increase the monitoring fee to reflect any additional or increased taxes, licenses, permits, fees or charges which may be charged to us by any utility or government agency relating to the use or operation of the System or the monitoring service and you agree to pay the same.
  18. SHIPPING, INSTALLATION AND RETURNS: Island will ship all medical alert units and/or components free of charge, through a carrier of our choice, to customers located in our service area. If priority shipping is required or requested and is available in Subscriber area, an additional charge of $25.00 may apply.  All requests for in home installation must be made after purchase and arranged through our customer service line at 516-654-7377.  All products will be shipped during regular business hours, which are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. Items shipped on Saturdays may have additional transit time. We will do our best to process all orders received before 12 noon to be shipped out the same day, but do not guarantee same day shipment. Island will not be responsible for any delays in delivery by third party delivery services. If you wish to cancel or return any medical alert system equipment, you may do so by first contacting our customer service line at 516-654-7377 during regular business hours. All products being returned must be sent back in good working order. Any returned products received by Island that appear to be damaged will be tested and if found to be damaged, Subscriber agrees to pay Island the value of Equipment which is $350 and which Subscriber hereby authorizes Island to bill to Subscriber’s credit card or bank account or otherwise collect.
  19. LIMITATION ON LAWSUITS; WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL. Both Island and Subscriber agree that no lawsuit or any other legal proceeding connected with this Agreement shall be brought or filed more than one (1) year after the incident giving rise to the claim occurred. In addition, any such legal proceeding shall not be heard before a jury. EACH PARTY IRREVOCABLY WAIVES ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL.
  20. ENTIRE AGREEMENT/MODIFICATION/CHOICE OF LAW: This Agreement shall constitute the entire Agreement between Subscriber and Island. No person installing, servicing or otherwise dealing with Equipment is or shall be authorized to act for or bind Island. This Agreement supersedes all prior representations, understandings or agreements between the parties. This Agreement may only be modified in writing signed by both parties. The parties agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of New York.